Booroloola is a self devised performance by Greek performer Achilleas Chariskos and Australian performer Adam Read. In a strange and surreal turn of events Vodoo culture slowly merges with the world of business. In a series of absurd pictures, the two performers ask the question how close are the two worlds of business and vodoo and what happens when the two worlds meet! Booroloola is inspired by the story of a military plane crash in northern Australia, where locals created a dance called airplane, to remember the event. Absurdity of everyday actions, the absurdity of relationships, of the space in-between, the difference between irrational and rational thoughts and actions, the mindset of what is tangible an not. Booroloola is built on the principle of two controversial characters from dissolving worlds that represent the human in everyday life, a man in a suit typing hypnotic sentences, a woman balancing on hysterical laughter, two men crying for love, a ritualistic tangling of bodies, the innocent playing of children, a room full of light!


Acud theater, Berlin
Faki Festival Zagreb
Mica Moca project, Berlin
Siguientescena, Mexico


16, 17 December 2010 – Acud theater
14, 15 January 2011 - Acud theater
21 May – Faki Festival, Zagreb
16,17th June 2011 – Mica Moca Project
14, 15 August 2012 - Mexico


12-15 july 2013 - Feta Festival, Gdansk, Poland
1-3 august - Gorlitz, Germany




  • “Eclipse”



Adam Read - performer

Nationality: British/Australian
Date of birth: 13.06.1971 in Adelaide, Australia
Contact: seriousclown@yahoo.com
Based in Berlin, Germany

I grew up in Australia, spending much of my child as a high profile
athlete, playing and training in all kinds of sports specialising in athletics
and football.
I trained at tertiary level in Drama and Movement in Australia, exploring different  techniques of theatre such as Commedia dell’arte, Le Coq method, Indonesian and New Zealand dance and different forms of mask. I founded the theatre group “Laboratorium 33” in Edinburgh, which performed for the first time in Edinburgh festival in 1998.
Since being based in Europe I have performed around the world with different companies, in street theatre, stage, and site specific performances, including Cirque Du Soleil from Montreal (creation of main character), Theatre Derevo from St Petersburgh, Grotest Maru from Berlin and Company Barefoot from Holland. I have toured my solo performance “Eclipse”, receiving a Total Theatre nomination in Edinburgh Festival (2007), and award for the best physical performance in the Pula Puff festival in Croatia (2008), with performance “Katuk”. Whilst living in Israel I played the main character in the show “Vienna-Marakesh”, a large scale Multi Media production. I also created three new productions: “The Garden” “Translux” and “Booroloola“, which have been played in different festivals and stages (2009-2010)
In December 2010 I have been asked to direct a new performance for the Moscow Ballet in America, a fusion of circus performance and ballet, a fantastic challenge, I am currently searching for the cast in Europe and around the world.
2011, 2012 I performed in Prater Volksbühne theater in Berlin in play „John Gabriel Borkman“ (Ibsen) with directors Vegard Vinge und Ida Müller (Norway)

Achilleas Chariskos - performer

Born in Greece in 1983 and live in Berlin. He studied as a clown, comedian, in performing arts in Italy, in intercultural performing arts in Berlin and dance development choreography in Amsterdam.He has worked the last 4 years with the company Teater Novogo Fronta.

Sergey Khanukaev - music composer

Schreinerstrasse 16 10247 Berlin
email: micro.s@gmx.de tel.: +49-177-6506898

Born 10.06.1973 in Moscow, USSR Before leaving Soviet Union studied Cello and Composition till pre-high school level. Played in one of the first Berlin Russian speaking groups "Unterwasser", other projects including experimental styles between concert hall, rock concert and performance. Studied Composition and Audio design in HfM "Hanns Eisler" Berlin, worked at studio for electro-acoustic music of TU Berlin, UdK, HfM "Hanns Eisler". Author and co-author of numerous sound-installations, production of electro-acoustic part of an opera "Geschwister Scholl". Installations were exhibited at festivals in Berlin, Moscow, Amsterdam, Prague and many more.

Luis Albiñana Puchalt - light designer

Rodenbergstrasse 12, 110439 Berlin
email: lluis_paella@yahoo.es tel: +49-178-9053044

Born in Valencia, Spain. Studied light design in Valencia, at
Acustic-Crom S.L.
After worked with different companies (Acustic-Crom S.L.,
Discomovil Audiovisuales S.L., Pasarella Iluminacio S.L. and others)
designing light and building light for concerts, discothecs, concerts,
congresses, festivals. Also worked on TV-Shows (canta, Pasarella and
more). Also has a lot of theater lighting experience.

Rico Tchrantke - video/projections designer

Rico Tscharntke was born 73 and grow up in dresden. He enjoy, that he had a wider cultural expirience, by growing up in a eastern country. After he finished school he learned the profession of a mechanic. Later he studied communication science at the university of his hometown. his first professional expirience, was to work, as a journalist. He worked tv stations in germany, netherlands and portugal. Rico liked to produce about science and politics. He got honored for his work with with two journalistic prices. Because he got bored from the circumstances a journalist have to life with, he made a couple of documentarys. With «einen schritt weiter» he won 2003 the menschenrechtsfilmpreis (humanitary movie award) in nürnberg. 2001 he moved to berlin and shortly after he decided, not to work as a journalist anymore and become an artist. Since then he is involved with the urban street culture of berlin, germany and the world.
founding of the «lichtpiraten» with Caren Mueller as an artistic project.
Since than developing it to a project with international approach.

Olga Dumova- costume set designer

Inventive Costume Designer and Costume Maker with over 10 years experience in costume production and set design. Hands–on knowledge of full life cycle of costume creation, including research, design, fitting, manufacturing and altering. Excellent interpersonal skills. Fluent in English, Russian and Hebrew. EDUCATION:  2001 – 2007 BA and MA in Theatre Design. St. Petersburg Theatre Arts Academy, Russia 1996 – 2000 BA in Art History / Archaeology. Haifa University, Israel. EXPERIENCE: Costume Designer, Costume Maker and Assistant in different theater projects:  JAAD (Canberra, Australia), Moscow Ballet (Pittsfield, USA), “The Garden” (Australia, Poland, Greece), Grotest Maru (Germany, Berlin),  Gesher Theatre (Israel), Israel Opera (Israel)

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